I am told that in the late 1800's a groom gave this style of brooch to his bride to demonstrate his love. Some even had a star to indicate his love was as all-encompassing to include the stars and the moon. Of course this 14karat brooch also demonstrated wealth.

This 14 karat crescent brooch has had some repair work.

It appears as though three of the pearls are seed pearls and were replaced in lieu of the sea pearls that the pin originally contained.

It also may be missing a pearl on the far end.

You will notice a variance in size of the pearls. However, it takes a discerning eye to spot it.

This may be a good piece for someone who desires a stash of small sea and seed pearls to use in repair work.

Or one could purchase it and then take it to a jeweler to replace the three seed pearls.

This comes from a smoke and pet free environment.