14 misc.Civil War buttons,central Virginia camp dug, (mix of coat and cuff)

Lot Description:

These Union buttons were dug in Federal camps in Fredericksburg area of Virginia a number of years ago. I acquired them from the digger at Richmond, Va Civil War show in the fall of 2008. There are seven coat buttons, several with the shank being pushed down. There is significant ground action to several and they are mostly 'I' buttons, however one is a New York state button. Three have the makers marks, one is tied to a piece of wood, maybe used a float for fishing or a souvenir? There are seven Eagle cuff buttons, six with shanks.

Please see pictures for a better idea of the condition. These are dug and were subject to 130 or so years in the soil of northern Virginia, that said they are in solid versus fragile condition. Hard to find anymore!

Provenance: I did not dig any of the Civil War relics which I am listing. Those were too hard to come by and have special meaning to me. I have attended a number of CW Relic shows in the Richmond and Northern Va. area I have acquired some of my collection at these shows (especially from the digger when possible) but also from on-line sources. I try to obtain as specific provenance before I purchase. If provenance is available it is listed, if not that fact is also noted.

Me : I am a long-time relic hunter and collector now living Northern Virginia.
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