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Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is the finest and largest Khukuri /kukri maker/Manufacturer/Retailer in Nepal.Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

Dealing in The Genuine Kukri directly from the Home Land Of The Gurkhas

You are bidding on a Brand New!

14" Nepalese Chhuri Knife:-

Genuine trekking and traveling Survival Knife

14" Nepalese Chhuri Knife :-

This 14 Inch Nepalese Chhuri Knife is one of the new items introduced by Ex Gurkha Khukuri House. It is actually a copied version of a famous knife made on demand by some regular customers. It has also been made by EGKH to exhibit the skill and standard of the company as one of the best knife makers. The usefulness of this knife goes from domestic to jungle warfare to safari to tactical.
“Chhuri” in Nepalese means “Knife”. It literally means a domestic or household cutting too. Nonetheless, it also comes very handy for trekking and traveling. The 14 inch hi-carbon blade has about 6 inch long full flat tang that goes all the way through the wooden handle. The tang is further riveted to strengthen the handle. “Churi” comes with a special embossed buffalo leather scabbard with belt loop at the back to prevent scratches. “Churi” is a complete and compact mini utility tool at its very
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