14 NEW & Old Campbells Kids & Soup Cans Ornaments

are 14 great Campbells Christmas Ornament. Marked 1992, 93 and up. T arre 4 glass cans, 1 ceramic (boy/girl in can, 2nd row, 2nd from the right.). Thje rest are are resin/plastic material. All in excellent shape, 1 new in plastic... Check out my other auctions to save on shipping, always happy to combine auctions to save you money!..Charge cards accepted through PAYPAL, if you have a CONFIRMED SHIPPING address! If you do not have a confirmed shipping address, your payment will not be accepted! U.S. BUYERS ONLY. ALL WINNERS MUST CONFIRM WITHIN 48 HOURS FROM AUCTION END. Payment due within 5 days from auction end. Insurance is an optional $1.65 extra per $50 of coverage, and confirmation is . 55 cents, IM NOT responsible for lost or damaged merchandise, and refunds will NOT be given, all sales final.

I found 1 more ornament, so thew auction is now for 15, not 14 ornaments. I added a picture of the 15th one.