We are blue to be selling our Smurf Collection, but the time has come. We hope you will bid on this SET OF 14 BASIC SMURF FIGURINES . They have been stored in a box in a smoke-free home since the 1980's. I have tried to note any obvious flaws. If you would like any further perusal of any of my smurfs please let me know. Year indicated is the year the original mold was made. See Blue Buddies website for price guide - numbers are from t No boxes. Since I have had these since the 1980's the white area has not retained the original white color on a lot of them and they have some rub marks - mostly on the back of the hats. Some of this could probably be cleaned but I do not know the proper way and I do not want to attempt. Just so you are aware. Not quite sure how to rate the condition of the smurfs, but I have tried. Please note that is lighting glare on the smurfs. I would say the following are very good to good but probably lean more towards good condition.

CRYING SMURF WITH YELLOW HANKY - 1972 - #20018 - slight discoloration of white areas NAUGHTY SMURF - 1973 - #20077 - slight discoloration of white areas - tiny paint chip on hand SITTING SMURF SMALL MOLD - 1977 - #20026 - discoloration of white areas - few rub marks on hat - tiny pin size paint chip on ear CLUMSY SMURF - 1983 - #20161 - very slight discoloration of white
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