This auction is for an incredible lot of Victorian, Antique and Vintage pins, brooches and pendants. This collection contains ten mostly 14K gold pieces. First is a beautiful Victorian hanging brooch pendant. It is over one and a half inches wide with a beautiful dangle heart hanging from a circle in the center. This brooch is actually 15K gold, not 14K and is stamped 15*625 on the back. My jeweler told me the 625 is the percentage of gold in this piece (62.5%), w 14K is 585 (58.5%). This is why many 14K gold pieces are stamped 585! This brooch is a beautiful brilliant golden color, more rich than your average 14K. It has a good working pin and also has a bale for hanging on a necklace. Next we have a one and a half inch leaf Victorian pin, engraved with the name ANN. It is stamped 14K and SWELL on the back. The pin is in good working condition. Next we have three antique and vintage heart shaped pins. All three are over one inch in length. The first is a bamboo textured pin stamped 14K on the back near the top. The next is a finely engraved pin with a real 6mm pearl at the top. It is stamped 14K on the back near the bottom. Last of the heart pins is what looks like a MOTHER"S pin with 5 different stones. The stones are red, pink, red, green, light blue. This gorgeous pin is stamped 14k on the back near the bottom. It has a pin

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