Absolutely one of a kind, 1st quality strand of 10mm to 14mm Angel skin Coral from Italy, this is the real thing.... made in the early to mid 1900's. There is absolutely no more of the Coral being harvested any more, so this is indeed special and rare. This necklace has been re-strung on double-knotted silk thread, and I made a 14K matte gold, hook clasp by hand, just for this piece. Every bit of the clasp is solid 14K gold, This is a gorgeous example of the best of the best Angel skin coral. Italian coral prices have skyrocketed because of existing coral harvesting bans and disappearance of the coral beds themselves due to rampant harvesting in the past. The result is that the coral jewelry market is red hot and truly an investment that will only grow in value. Plus, you can actually wear it!
South Sea coral cannot compare and remains quite inferior and inexpensive, and I believe this will continue. It is less dense (more porous) and most often dyed.
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