14KGOLD VINTAGE PRE-BAN ELEPHANT IVORY BRACELET 7 INCH! Buy it now price: $250.00 DISCLAIMER: All our ivory is legal pre-ban Af rican ivory, imported into the U.S. before the ban. For shipment in the United States only!!!

A beautiful genuine elephant tusk ivory bracelet taken from my personal collection. This ivory bracelet measures a Fine 5mm across. The growth patterns are not readily visible throughout the ivory bracelet ( Please read my elephant ivory buying guide ). The oval ivory segments measure 10mm x 14mm and in between each ivory segment are chinese characters in 14kgold. The ivory segments are set with 14kgold and have a grooving on each bead. The chinese characters have the meanings from left to right of good luck, prosperity, long life, love, good health, and respectful. The bracelet size measures 7 inches or has a safety clasp. The total bracelet weight is 5.9 grams and this piece goes for $350 at our Waikiki Shop. This would make a wonderful GIFT for a loved one to add to their heirloom collection or even yourself !! SEE MORE OF OUR GENUINE PRE-BAN ELEPHANT IVORY COLLECTABLES.


In nature, creamy white ivory comes from the magnificent tusks of the elephant. Through generations the delicate, painstaking hand carving and jewelry making skills have been preserved. Each piece of our ivory jewelry
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