15.4" 1280x800 LCD Screen for TOSHIBA LTD154EX4A LAPTOP

Screen Specifications Size: 15.4" - Dimension 10.75 x 9 Resolution: 1280 x 800 - WXGA Backlight: CCFL Pin Connection: 30 Pins Condition: NEW Warranty: 120 days Dead Pixel Policy: Contains 1 to 5 dead pixel(s) SKU: G018108H087W
Helpful Information To make sure you purchase a correct screen, please be sure to match size , resolution , and backlight of product. If you are uncertain, please contact us with your laptop brand/serial/model, or model number on back of the screen. Our technicians will help you to choose the correct screen.
Some laptop manufacturers sell customized laptops, which means a certain model may have different type of screens. In situation like this, we will request additional information to find you the correct screen.
Product and Warranty This listing is a replacement laptop LCD screen display only, in brand new condition (unless otherwise stated in above specification section), directly from manufacturer. Customer will receive a LCD screen from screen manufacturers, with matching specifications to fit the existing laptop. The product comes with 120 days replacement-only warranty, against defects such as lines‚ fuzzy or distorted picture. The product is in accordance with ISO 13406-2, which dictates an acceptable 2-5 dead pixels.
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