.15 to .18 nitro rc hellicopter quick .15

This is a quick. 15 to. 18 nitro hellicopter.small n size for a limited area to fly n but has the power of nitro engines and is built better and more advanced than bigger hellicopters total lenght is only 37 inches.it has alminum side frames alminum bearing blocks its pretty much all cnc alminum very few plastic parts.has fiberglass canopy,belt drive w cnc machined alminum gears,all alminum swash plate.its complete minus main rotor head and head control arms.ive checked and parts are avialable altho hav been told a 450 size helli head will fit.has main and tail blades.ive had this for a few years and am probly never gonna finish it.has manual n japanesse and also a cd for assy.price of this new n hong kong was 350.00 .i realise its nt worth that missing the head.ill start bidding at 50.00 if someone is interested ill take a reasonable offer plus shipping.there are NO electronics or engine n the kit.