15 Frosted Ruff n' Ready Refill Shrinky Dinks Paper Sheets Homeschool supplies

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8 x 10 Genuine Shrinky Dink Paper Sheets

Style: Frosted Ruff n' Ready

Shrinky Dink paper is the paper that you draw on, color on, and then put in the oven for approximately two minutes. Watch with amazement as your creation shrinks to almost one third of its original size...and hardens into almost nine times its original thickness! You can watch them shink, right before your eyes! It's just like magic!

While this is not the specific "Ink Jet" Shrinky Dinks paper, I know of several people who have run it through their ink jet printers, and it has worked perfectly fine. I do not guarantee it will work in your inkjet printer , I'm just letting you know that I know of several people who have done so. If you are purchasing this paper specifically to use with your inkjet printer, please keep this in mind.

Crayola colored pencils work the best, in my opinion, on this type of paper. We have tried the "off brand" colored pencils, and they don't turn out as well.

Let your creativity & imagination run WILD!

The possibilites are endless: � � �

� � � Need some help?

Here are some ideas on what you can make!

� � � Charm Bracelet Charms

� � � Rings



� � � Name Tags

� � � Magnets

� � � Badges

Mini-Greeting Cards

� � � Custom Valentine Cards

� � � Reward Tokens

� � � Keychains


� � � Shoe charms

� � � Custom Game Pieces

� � � � � � Christmas Ornaments

Dangle your shrinky treasures from safety-pins

� � � Toppers to put on cakes, muffins, and other baked good...
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