Please meet a wonderful bear, ALASKA and his friend CAPEY, a very special little boy bear, designed and made by his artist, SUSAN, of LEMON WOLF BEARS in the US . ALASKA came directly to me from Susan . He was brand new. He's been displayed in my home since arrival, but never played with. He is in very good to excellent condition. There are two places on ALASKA'S sweater where the knit is slightly damaged on the beak of the penguin and above that. This happened at my home and is not the fault of the artist. He arrived in perfect condition. ALASKA is a very heavy little boy. He is 15 inches tall . He is very sturdy and very well made, as all of Susan's b ears are. ALASKA is extremely handsome. He has long multi-color, long, curly mohair. The color is a cream with brown tips. ALASKA has beautiful hazel/gold glass eyes. His pupils are, of course, black. Susan has highlighted ALASKA'S eyes with her special hand-made clay lids with brown painted on the upper and white clay below. His nose is embroidered in black then waxed. The bottoms of his feet appear to be the same mohair as his body mohair trimmed short. He is jointed to make him movable, and he has armature for posing in many ways. He is so well done, so beautiful, and weighty.
ALASKA has his OOAK certificate which will accompany him to your house. It's a very attractive certificate
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