15 lenni lenape indian arrowheads bird points

this is part of a huge collection of indian arrowheads and worked stone items that were found in the lehigh -berks county area.the whole area is being developed as a housing tract .the area these came from has a number of large indian quarrys in the towns of vera cruz& magungie in lehigh county ,t are large pits that were worked by the indians and were part of a trade route for the indians of this area with indians as far north as new york the indians in this area were the lenni lenape and had settlements all through this area most of the points are from the 4000-2500 BP and represent a number of distinct types.I have tried to put them in groups that match .In this lot t are 15 artifacts:the items are made from a number of materials :quartz,,jasper ,slate ,argullite,flint. t are15 arrowheads these are the a mixture of types they run between 1/2 inch to1 inch mostly what are called pine tree type used for small birds in this area with 2 nice white quartz ones the items are housed in a 5x6 inch riker mount a great addtion to any eastern indian collection buyer pays shipping .these are great items from a huge collection the woman we got these from has others that she will release later and as we get them we will list them . . former owner was an ohio born resident living in berks -lehigh county who was a stamp dealer and amateur ... read more