15 Million Iraqi Dinar 90 Day Option

This auction is for a 90 day reservation certificate to claim 15,000,000 dinar in the event of a revaluation.
When you win this auction, you will be sent a certificate by USPS or email (send us a message at checkout), which entitles you to receive 15 million dinar, all notes in uncirculated, new condition, in the event that a government entity of Iraq issues a statement that the Iraqi dinar has completed its revaluation of .10 or more from the current value at the time of auction end. Final amount to be paid will be at a 500:1 ratio ($500/ 1 million dinar).
Right now, there is no better time to invest in the Iraqi Dinar. Even with the turmoil in Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has stated that they have enough foreign reserves to completely cover their currency, and then some! With the eyes of the world upon them, Iraq will certainly be making big moves the next few months, both on and off the battlefield!