15 *MINT* Titleist Pro V1 / Pro V1x 2012 Model Golf Balls

9- Pro V1

6- Pro V1x

Welcome to Golfdiscount_2012 where we specialize in the recycling of used golf balls. We have been in the golf ball business for 5 years now and have had great success with our customers! What sets us above the rest is that we golf ourselves so we realize the IMPORTANCE in playing the ball that is right for you.
Our grading scale is on a 5A system but be sure to read our description as it may differ from the other sellers.
MINT (AAAAA): Will appear like a brand new ball. Some may contain logos or player marks.

Near Mint (AAAA): Will have minor blemishes, no larger than 3-4 dimples. May contain logos or player marks.

AAA: Will contain surface scuffs, blemishes, discoloring, and cart path marks, but still very playable. May contain logos or player marks as well. No Cuts.

AA: Still playable but not pretty to the eye. Will contain all of the above with more wear and may contain dirt stains.
X-Outs and Practice Balls: You may see a few of these but they won't be abundant. When graded they will be downgraded one grade. Ex: A Near Mint X-Out or Practice ball will be considered a AAA.
Shipping and handling will be $5.35.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase returns are accepted.
**Please do not bid unless you are within the 50 US States**
Thanks for looking
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