This is a really beautiful group of vintage TRIFARI, all signed pieces. There is from bottom of pic, a really rare brushed silver link necklace (I have seen only one of these) beautiful amber rhinestone, braelet, blue faceted rhinestone in circular setting, Unique 60's gold tone retro deco necklace. there is a mdern, 60's HUGE gold geomeetric hanging pendanat attached to a tight smooth link necklace. there is a vintage purple glass double strand bead, 40's. There is a really cool 60's hanging dropo bright purple round glass HUGE, and I do mean HUGE pendant and silver tone chain. There is a great square clear lucite necklace. Four pair of rhienstone earrings, these match other sets, I am sure. If you are a collector you might need these. a 40's brooch, white rhienstone. there is a stone missing from the round amber earrings and a stone from the brooch, both easily replaced. I am also sending a couple of single earrings, not pictured that you might need for matches. Really beautiful lot of timeless Trifari jewelry. 9.95 sh & ins. 17.95 international. thanks.

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