This listing is fora batch of 15 stunning earthy & natural Thai Buddhist clay amulets/pendants Amulets like these have been collected by Thai Buddhists since the beginning of time -
they offer protection from harm, good fortune in life & finances, and are generally loved for their
depiction of the various forms of Buddha or revered monks from throughout time .
The amulets/pendants in the photos are the exact batch you will receive, they will be securely packed in
bubble-wrap & a strong box to ensure they arrive in the exact same condition you see in the photos!
Each piece is made with clay, usually collected from temple ruins, with a sturdy stainless case & acrylic window
some have the monk who produced & blessed it & some have just various Buddha images. The beautiful & intricate patterns & images are taken from the 2552 years of Buddhism in Thailand . You can hang several of them on a leather string as a more contemporary jewellery piece or project
or s imply keep one in your pocket for good luck & protection! I'm very passionate about these amulets, I've collected them for years and have a very large collection, some
amulets on the market are incredibly valuable - up to $700,000!
The amulets in these photos have been blessed, some have been
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