15 Victorian Trade Cards Flour, saddle,Hair,confection

1. Capitol Milling Co.'s Patent Flour. Little girl with loaf of bread. Blank on Back.
2. Little Girl with sled. The Davis has no equal. Fully Printed on back.
3. Black Woman with cotton. Golden Cottolene. Fully printed on back.
4. Little Blond Girl with bowl. Fully printed on back.
5. Three children with black board. If you want reliable goods insist on Newton's best. They may cost a little more. Fully printed on back.
6. Woman in very fancy hat. The delicious fragrance, refreshing coolness and soft beauty imparted.....
7. Boy with man on horse. Main & Winchester, Battery St. San Francisco. Fully printed on back.
8. Lovely Woman with angel children. Halls Vegetable Sicilian Hair renewer prevents gray hairs and baldness. Fully Printed on back.
9. Prof. Horsford's Baking Powder. Rumford Chemical Works. Fully printed on back.
10. Man in prison stripe outfit. Fashion Plate, striped goods for new york boodlers. Sing Sing. Fully printed on back.
11. Black Boy withsheet sign. JOS. Figel Merchant Tailor and importer of Men's and Boys clothing San Francisco. 1884 Program Golden Gate Park on back.
12. Lady with stick chasing away a lamb. Teachers, singers and Preachers all use Lutted's S.P. Cough Drops 1882 Blank on back.
13. Two pretty little girls with dog and can of Yeast. Top of card
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