15 Vintage Eli Lilly Medicine Bottles

15 Vintage Eli Lilly Medicine Bottles Pharmacy medicine bottles from the 1940s or 1950s. The bottles are all one-quarter pint size and were found at a working pharmacy. Each bottle is shown in one of these pictures. The labels read: - Fluid Extract No. 231, Grindelia, Soluble - Fluid Extract No. 3, Aconite, N.F. - Tincture No. 3, Aloe and Myrrh, N.F. - Fluid Extract No. 280, Krameria, N.F. - Fluid Extract No. 300, Lobelia, N.F. - Fluid Extract No. 289, Lemon, Soluble - Fluid Extract No. 407, Senega, N.F. - Fluid Extract No. 102, Cardamom Compound - Fluid Extract No. 136 Cinchona Compound - Fluid No. 233, Guaiac - Fluid Extract No. 150, Colchicum Seed - Tincture No. 85, Warburg's - Fluid Extract No. 155, Condurango, N.F. - Fluid No. 377, Rhubarb, Aromatic - Fluid Extract No. 167, Cotton Root Bark NOTE: Other than exterior dusting, these items have not been cleaned and any contents remaining within any of the bottles are not for consumption. They are intended for collection or display purposes only. We ship 24 to 48 hours after payment via UPS anyw within the continental U.S. only. Payment: We accept PayPal only. All sales are final unless any misrepresentation on my part led to any confusion. Please email me with questions prior to bidding.