15 VTG. Cook Booklets Del Monte, Minute Tapioca, Wonder Book, 20’s, - 40’s

15 Vintage Cook Booklets Del Monte, Minute Tapioca, Wonder Sandwich Book, 20’s, - 40’s For Sale is this lot of 15 vintage advertising cook booklet, they are 1. Best Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes, General Foods 1931 2. The Calumet Baking Book 1929 3. 94 Brer Rabbit Goodies 1929 4. Knox Gelatin Dainty Desserts, Candies, Salads 1929 5. Table and Kitchen Price Baking Powder Co. no date 6. 12 dozen time-saving recipes Proctor & Gamble 1928 7. You can save on your milk bill Pet Milk Company 1926 8. Everyday Recipes The Wesson Oil People 1929 9. The Del Monte Fruit Book fourth edition 1929 10. Del Monte Peaches 1927 11. A Cooks Tour with Minute Tapioca 1929 12. The Wonder Sandwich Book 1928 13. Meat in the meal for Health Defense Compliments of Saveway 1942 14. Food Economy Knox Sparkling Gelatin 15. 4 small booklet glued onto cards, The Health Value of Knox Sparkling Gelatin, Pet Milk Drinks and Desserts The Milky Way, Here’s how they’re made (Pet Milk)

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