here comes ULTRA RARE wooden Guan Yin Buddha figure in stunning details by hand carved in China, dating back to early 1800'. This outstanding piece features Guan Ying Buddha,the Chinese Buddhist deity of compassion and mercy. A bodhisattva is a person who has attained enlightenment, but postpones nirvana in order to help ordinary people. The Bodhisattva Guanyin is considered one of the three greatest bodhisattvas in Buddhism.
The sumptuous details of this piece are exemplified in the individual strands of hair, the fingernails and all of the folds in her robe. Her facial expression is just unbelievable well meaning, her eyes are half closed and a distinguished smile plays around her lips. Figures like this one were widely popular during the Qing Dynasty in China. They were also very fashionable in wealthy homes for their exotic beauty and inconveniently decorative appearance.
An exquisitely crafted wooden carving collectible!
Guan Yin: Guan-yin, the Chinese bodhisattva (Buddhistic prophet) to whom childless women turn for help. He manifests himself in any conceivable form wherever a being needs his help, especially when someone is menaced by water, demons, fire, or sword. Kuan-yin, whose name means "Who Contemplates the [Supplicating] Sound of the World", along with Samantabhadra, Kshitigarbha (Di-cang) and Manjushri
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