★ 150 Alaska Gold Placer Nuggets Bullion Flakes+ Silver Mercury Dime Coin

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Picture has been Greatly Enlarged to show you Amazing detail of all Nuggetts!!!

150+ beautiful little specimen gold DUST nuggets makes a wonderful present for all prospectors and serious collector.

We have bought a hoard of a Alaskas Miners Gold Findings

He sold us his entire inventory of Mini Nuggetes flake size. He needed money quick and sold it to us way below spot!!!

He also had a hoard of Silver Mercury dimes. Since He needed cash we bought them all!!!

Now we offer it here on ebay for GREAT PRICE

we expect bidding to go way up but you never know you may get a real steal

EACH BID IS FOR 150+ Nuggetts from his HOARD & 1 OLD Silver Mercury Dime

These Beautiful Nugget Specimans are all 100% 20-22k Gold Mined from the rivers of Alaska

This is a Great lot for the serious collector and Gold Buyers will also make amazing Gifts

All nuggets will come sealed in a Gem Case to protect your investment for years to Come!!!

Picture is stock photo sample of 150 lot all lots will be very similar has one shown!

Because we were able to purchase this lot at such a great price.

We are Making Gold affordable for everyone to own!!!

Everyone wants there gold in small easy to break up amounts.
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