(150) Baseball Card Lot - Jersey/Auto/Game Used/Rookie - Ichiro, Pujols, Ripken

Hello, you are bidding on a 150 card baseball lot. I have been collecting cards for as long as I can remember, but now it is time to part with many of them.
Please read all of the following guidelines/information to understand exactly what you are bidding on. Please email me with any questions about the cards, big or small.
1) Every card pictured is in this lot. These are not "random" lots or "dutch auctions". Ninety percent of the cards are in near mint/mint condition or better.
2) There are ZERO common cards. Each lot I list will be slightly different but will consist of a combination of GU/Auto cards, Inserts, Rookies, Stars, Vintage (pre 1980), and Semi-Stars.
-Each lot will contain 15 GU/Auto cards. Every one is pictured. - This specific lot consists of approximately: 30% semi-star cards, 25% rookie cards, 20% star cards, 15% insert cards, 10% GU/Auto cards, less than 5% Vintage cards. -The book value for this lot is conservatively estimated at: $325+
3) I have taken photos of some of the best cards in this lot. You may find some hidden gems, but in my eyes, these are some of the best cards included. Below are examples of what I define as "star" and "semi star" players:
Here are some of the players that you will see and are considered "stars": Pujols, Griffey, Jeter, A-Rod, Ripken, Ichiro, Ortiz, Bonds,
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