1500 Wurlitzer Jukebox

1952 Wurlitzer 1500 Juke Box. This box is in working condition. It takes coins and plays. It has not been rebuilt or refurbished and will probably take some fine tuning. The volume control needs cleaning and probably some of the contacts behind the selector buttons. I have been playing it for a few hours now and it all seems to be working fine. The plastics, including the dome are in great shape. No cracks or chips. The colors are bright and the dome is scratch free. It has it's back door and coin door but no locks. I've owned 4 or 5 of these in the past but have never seen a working one. It is quite a mechanical wonder. It will supposedly play 45's and 78's intermixed however I do not have the 45 platters that you need to operate this in that mode. The records that I have it loaded with are 78 rpm and it plays them fine. T is a hole in the aluminum grill on the right hand side in the middle a bit smaller in size than the diameter of a pencil. It looks like it was put t on purpose. It is not very noticeable. If you need a shipper I would suggest Eric's Shipping out of Tucson or North American Van Lines.

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