#1539 Vintage Lead toy Mammoth Circus Britains 22 pieces Original owner Gorgeous

This is the first set of Britains lead toy collectibles that I am listing for a friend, to see if eBay is the correct venue for his amazing and vast set. He was a collector as a child in the 1940s and a long illness led to many gifts of these toys. The overall collection filled an entire dining room when assembled, and was quite an impressive display! He had a large cabinet with small drawers that he stored the toys, and his two daughters were very gentle with the set.
I am listing three sets this week, the Circus, the Zoo, and the Royal Navy Landing Party. If you are looking for a specific set, please email me and I would be happy to list it.
This is Set #1539 Mammoth Circus, which was introduced by Britains in 1936, and manufactured through 1961. This specific set is post WW2. It does not have the original box.
Set includes: Ring Master Man on Stilts Lion Tamer 2 Snarling Sitting Tigers 2 Boxing Clowns Boxing Kangaroo 2 Elephants w/blankets 2 Performing Elephants 4 prancing Liberty Horses 2 trotting Pinto Horses Equestrienne in ballerina outfit Standing Clown Curtsying round Tub for tigers or elephants to perform upon Clown with hoop (arm with hoop a little broken falls off, see pic) 2 small green mounds (stands) for Equestrienne or Clown
These pieces are in extremely good condition, with minor to little
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