154 Carat Lot of Ajax Mine Nevada Turquoise Rough

This is a 154 carat lot of natural turquoise rough from recently reopened historical workings on the Ajax Mine claims in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The Ajax mine is one of the classic turquoise mines of the American southwest. The turquoise from this mine has become quite collectible.

There are six (6) pieces in the lot and they range in color from blue to blue-green multicolor.

These pieces were mined from an area of the Ajax mine that has not seen activity for many, many years and it comes with an interesting story: While excavating an area of old dumps in order to get into the turquoise bearing zone, we found some perfectly preserved scraps of old newspapers. Checking the dates, we found out that the newspapers were from February and March of 1937. We recently researched the history of the Ajax deposit and who might have been mining it before it became the Ajax. After researching old claim records in the Goldfield courthouse, we have found that Walter Godber of the famed Godber-Burnham mine filed claims in July of 1936 called the Oriental Blue and Oriental Blue #1 on the ground that was later called the Ajax. These same claims had also been owned by Carl Riek in 1931. The Carl Riek mine is listed in several publications as being in the area but has been
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