A scarce original engraving...early Italian School...by Giulio Bonasone,(1510-76) (b. Bologna) after the design by Parmigianino.

Size is 14 inches by 9 and a half, or 35.8 x 24.4.

Much of the info on this print I have found on the internet, both Lyon and the Met museum have impressions, it is dated to 1541 and is titled `Vision of St Jerome` and was published by Antonio Salamanca.

This impression does not look as strong as the two museum impressions, but i believe it to be an impression from the 1500`s or poss early 1600`s and not later.

Perhaps the watermark may help, (see photo below) I cannot make out the watermark, it looks like a design in an oblong, the paper is of course laid with chain lines.

Condition....ideally needs some minor restoration...there is a stain top right, although not pasted down it has been pasted at the corners, the two lower corners have come away, leaving just a couple of minor tears (see close up) however the top two corners are still stuck down but the print has come away from the stuck down corner on the right side, and on the left side it has almost come away, only just holding onto the backing card by top left corner only. There is a little bit missing lower edge centre and a light diagonal crease left centre, also a repaired closed tear centre right edge,

. The paper where not damaged at corners is good quality and sound, so should be o.k. for any restoration.

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