1594 BINSFELD Blindstamped Calf over Wood. Clasp

1594 BINSFELD Blindstamped Calf over Wood. Clasp

Enchiridion theologiae pastoralis et 1st Edn

Binsfeld, Peter *1545-1598*

Enchiridion theologiae pastoralis et doctrinae necessariae sacerdotibus curam animarum administrantibus conscriptum

Augustae Trev. : Bock, 1594

8vo. 6.6 x 4.2 inches.

(8), 414 pages, (39), (4 leaves index).

With woodcut device to title and woodcut devices and initials.

Blindstamped Calf over Wood. Clasp (one perished). Sheep to spine with remnants of title.

FIRST EDITION. An important handbook of advice for various situations. All editions are rare because of the use to which the book must have been put. The work considers all sorts of situations, including those relating to the sacraments, sins, religious commandments, clerical censure and situations in connection with ecclesiastical law.

Peter Binsfeld (alt spelling Peter Binsfield) (c. 1545 - 1598), son of a farmer and craftsman, was born in the village Binsfeld in the German Eifel region; he died in Trier as a victim of the Bubonic plague. Binsfeld grew up in the rural Catholic environment of the Eifel region. Considered by a local abbot as a very gifted boy, he was sent to Rome for study. After his studies t, Binsfeld returned to his home region and became an important personality in the
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