15ml "A NICE PEAR" 10ml "SWEET ORANGE" VG dominant eliquid vape e juice 10% PG

Ejuice is made with PG (propyl glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin).
Some people experience allergic type reactions to the PG content of ejuice. This can be similar to asthma or hayfever like symptoms, this was my experience.
This is why we developed VeryGoodejuice, a VG dominant eliquid that is absorbant and satisfying, with "Bite Extra" throat hit and plenty of flavour. VG dominant ejuice has the advantage of producing big clouds and beautiful plumes.
We use only the best ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK, EU and USA.
We have a limited production line as we are a cottage industry, but we do have a dedicated following of vapers who have tried our ejuice and have stayed with us because they can tell the difference between mass produced and carefully crafted.
1x10ml and 1x15ml bottles 0mg VeryGoodejuice.
VG dominant 10% PG.
Flavour blends are:
1. 10ml SWEET ORANGE 0mg 10% PG. Sweet Orange combines juicy summer flavours of the popular sunshine fruit with the classic sweetness of organic brown sugar. It's a summer sensation.
2. 15ml A NICE PEAR 0mg 10% PG. A Nice Pear brings together Banana, Coconut, Cream and lashings of Pear to give a real sense of high class reserve to your vapes.
Packed with flavour.
Supplied in two soft, thin tipped bottles with child safety triangle
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