5-16-89 Soap Opera Digest Marcy Walker Melody Thomas Scott Dynasty Michele Lee

This 1989 issue of Soap Opera Digest features on the cover, Marcy Walker & Melody Thomas Scott . There is a corresponding cover story about soap stars raising children which also includes Hillary B. Smith, Lauren-Marie Taylor & John Loprieno.
Ask Us/Sounding Board includes photos of Lisa Brown, Tom Wiggin, Lauren Holly, Lane Davies, Robin Mattson, Debbi Morgan, Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers, William Flchtner, George Jenesky, Patsy Pease
Roundup includes Nicolette Goulet, John Bernadino, Melody Thomas Scott, Frank Runyeon, Patricia Bruder, Drake Hogestyn
interview with Christopher Templeton of The Young & The Restless
synopsis section includes photos of Ruth Warrick, Alexandra Wilson, Scott DeFreitas, Larry Bryggman, Daniel McVicar, Teri Ann Linn, Linda Gray, Melissa Reeves, Ray Abruzzo, David Selby, David Lewis, Stuart Damon, Gail Ramsey, Michael O'Leary, Larry Riley, Lynne Moody, Callan White, Ed Moore, Robert S. Woods, Joe Marinelli, Barbara Crampton
New York News includes David Bailey, Pat Crowley, Rachel Ames, John Bernadino, Emily McLaughlin
Hollywood Happenings includes Charlotte Ross, Deke Anderson, Robert Parucha
article on "soap crybabies" includes Melody Thomas Scott, Bryan Genesse, Robin Mattson, Sandra Ferguson, Nicolette Goulet
"daytime's living dead" includes Michael Zaslow, Anthony

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