16 inch slingerland radio king tom shell

For sale is a 16x16 inch 1958 Slingerland Radio King floor tom shell. This shell is in fair condition needing bearing edge work as well as having some lifting of the inner ply of mahogany that is contained. This shell came from a kit that I'm parting out. The original owner hand painted this drum in red, then I put a silver sparkle wrap over that. The result is that this already oversized shell because of its' vintage, is even slightly more oversized. I was able to put an Aquarian American Vintage head on the batter side, but it was tight. I also got a Remo Emperor on the resonant side, and that was also a tight fit. The bottom hoop was removed from this floor tom by the owner prior to me and it was gigged like that. The result is that the bottom bearing edge is in very bad shape and needs to be recut or refinished. The wrap job that I did was pretty good, but it does have a little bit of lift and there was one dig into the wrap near a floor tom bracket where a needle nose plyers had a fight with the wrap when I was trying to pry loose the bracket. There is also a small lift in the wrap at the resonant batter edge, and a larger lift and a small tear on the resonant side bearing. Overall, this drum needs a lot of work, but might work well as a beater floor tom for someone looking for some mahogany.
Definitely a cool piece of history
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