16 Jean Nordquist Porcelain Doll Signature Brushes NEW

Jean Nordquist Signature Porcelain Doll Detail Brushes

In Excellent new & Unused condition

Set includes all 16 of the Jean Nordquist Detail Brushes for

painting porcelain & china dolls or any kind of doll

Great for Doll detailing, OOAK, doll refurbishing/refinishing, touch-ups

Made in Germany By Global

This Set of 16 Brushes retails for $269.50 (Sold individually) on Jean's website

Own the finest quality natural fiber brushes made to the exact specifications of master dollmaker, Jean Nordquist

Each brush handle is only 4" long for easiest handling and is painted in Jean's signature dusty pink. These brushes fulfill all requirements to paint any doll available to today's dollmaker.

Brush set includes all 16 of Jean Nordquist's Brushes

Lash Brush, Brow Brush, Blush Mop, Wash Mop, Hair Stroke Shader, Large Lip Brush,

Lip Filbert, Detail Spotter, Square Shader, Medium Stippler, Large Stippler, Mini Mop, Lash Liner, Mini Stippler, Oval Blender & Slant Shader

They will be shipped in a Bonus Brush Travel Case (not Jean Nordquist)

The case holds all of the brushes & the top folds back - creating a handy brush stand.

Case is hard plastic with a smoky gray clear lid

Each brush is held snuggly
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