16 Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 May 1957 - Elvis Presley VHTF!

16 Magazine - May 1957 Vol. 1 No.1 - First Issue!
Featuring Elvis Presley!

This is the VHTF first issue of 16 magazine, one of the most popular teen movie and pop culture magazines of all time! Although this issue has definitely been read a few times, it's still in very good condition. Its worst defect is a small tear (about 1 1/4" long) in the upper left corner of the front cover. T's also a small tear (about 1/2") in the lower left corner of the cover. The upper right corner has two light creases, and the square-bound spine is just starting to roll a little. T are other minor defects on both the front and back covers that I think are easily seen in the pics, including a few small pieces missing, none of which detract from the overall appearance. The front and back covers both still have much of their original gloss. The interior pages are a light tan, pretty much what you'd expect for 50-year-old newsprint, but they're still very flexible and not brittle. I found one page that has two 1/2" tears in it; if t are any other torn pages, I didn't find them. The staples appear to be clean with just a hint of tarnish but no rust that I can see. It's not a perfect issue, but it is very nice!
As you might expect based on the cover, Elvis is featured prominently inside as well. At least half of the stories are about him,
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