16 pairs native american hand beaded earrings

For sale in this auction is 16 pairs of earrings which I have hand beaded yesterday and today. All are a variety of sizes from 1" long to 4" long. These are all in colors mixed and matched nicely in a variety. All are made with size 11 czech seed beads and using size D beading thread. I will provide you with 16 business cards, stating that I guarantee my work (this means all 16 pairs) for one year. I will honor this guarantee to your customers as you resell them as well. I will not need proof that the items are mine, as I can very easily tell what is my work and what is not just by looking. See below for more details on my guarantee of workmanship.

In this auction is 11 pairs of small to medium earrings and 5 pairs of medium-large sized pairs. Feel free to ask for more details or more pictures if you'd like to!

For this lot of earrings, I am starting off the bid at $32. That is only $2 a pair!!! You can't get this quality for this price from anyw else, and as far as I know nobody else guarantees their things for a year.

I am asking $3.50 for the postage, which will include delivery confirmation. This three dollars will also cover my expenses for any packaging materials I need to use. Please note that I combine shipping on my other beadwork auction items, up to five items of beadwork can be shipped for the same
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