16 Peanuts Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Snoopy Linus Sally Woodstock Charlie Brn

16 piece mixed lot of peanus characters Christmas ornaments from Hallmark, most dated in the late 1990's, A couple i can't find a date on, a couple have several dates with the latest date being in the 1970's, not sure if they are that old. Listed names below. All have original boxes but two.
Snoopy and Woodstock with Pizza, no box, this one has the latest date being 1972
Snoopy and Woodstock with forest ranger or Mountie hats? No box,
Snoopy and Woodstock, Stepping out, 1972 is last date
Snoopy, Famous Flying Ace 1999
Snoopy, A Snoopy Christmas, 5th in series, can't find date
Snoopy Joe Cool 1998
Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas 1 of 4
Lucy, with football for Charlie peanuts Gang
Snoopy, The Winning Ticket with Woodstock, 2004
Joe Cool, Spotlight on Snoopy 2003
Sally, The Peanuts Gang #4
Linus Charlie Brown Christmas 1 of 4
Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Batter Up, 2 pc 1999
These last three use light or batteries.
Peanuts Flickering Light, Magic Collectors Series, with instructions
What Christmas is All About, it says it talks and lights up but probably needs new batteries, dated 2007, has instructions
Blinking Tree, has lights, 1993 with instructions , says it plugs into any miniature tree light string.
I have not tried any of these three.
Shipping is
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