16 REPLICA Skeleton Jailer Keys 8 Different Styles(Old West) (Jailer Keys)

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION WE DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA, MEXICO, OR SPAIN. Keys are hand cast in the United States out of assorted metals. Some MAY BEND due to the different alloy's (NO LEAD MOSTLY ZINC) used to manufacture these OLD WEST REPLICA KEYS. Main purpose of keys are for craft designs, jewelry, displays and any other thing you would like to use them for. Assorted batches will vary from picture. These Skeleton Keys are NOT old, they are REPLICAS of old used keys. Larger quantities are available and shipping can be combined on request and depends on the total weight of the order. Questions call These are fun to use for designs from the old west or other era you are doing.They can be spray painted, glued, what ever you need to do. They are positively great for design boards from the old west with badges, barb wire, keys, pistols, hand cuffs, spurs, and what ever you would like to add. BE SURE AND VIEW OUR OTHER ITEMS!! KEEP WATCHING OUR SITE, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL COME UP NEXT!!!