16 Vintage Funrise Horses w Horse Collection Case 1988

Vintage Funrise Toy Horse Collection with Carrying Case

T are 16 horses in this collection. Each has the breed's name on the belly of the horse along with the year. In the carrying case, they each have their own compartment. Please note that my daughter pulled off parts of the stickers over the compartments so she could rewrite the name of her favorite horse and place it in the case. The compartments are made of a thin plastic liner and it is cracked in places. The carrying case is made out of plastic, with a handle and says, "International Animal Collection" on the outside. The outside of the case is in good condition but it is missing the plastic latches on one side to secure it close.

Each horse measures about 3 x 4". I would say they are made of a hard rubber.

The horses are all marked on their bellies with the Funrise name, the name of the horse and the year.

Included are: Turkoman 1988 Andalusian 1988 Friesian 1988 Percheron 1988

Appalossa 1988 Clydesdale 1988 Toric 1988 Polish Draft 1988 Karabair 1988

Shire 1988 Paseo Fino 1988 Irsih Horse 1988 Saddlebred 1988 Knabstrup 1988

Mustang 1988 Brumby 1988

The horses are in very good condition. T is a little paint wear and a few stray marks on a few. Nothing is broken or cracked on the horses. Buyer is to pay
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