t-1600 Kayak

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TRAK T-1600 Kayak
The TRAK T-1600 Kayak is the world's only performance kayak that goes in a pack. Hydraulics inside the cockpit enables you to instantly shift the shape of the kayak's hull for optimum performance in any wind or water conditions. Its design combines all the advantages of both hardshell and skin-on-frame kayaks in a single craft, and none of the disadvantages. TRAK gives paddlers of any skill level an incredible paddling experience, in any wind or water condition. And at the end of the day, the entire 16' kayak packs into a handy wheeled travel pack.
Length: 16 ft / 4.88 m
Width: 22.50 in / 57.15 cm
Weight: 48 lbs / 21.77 kg
Tri-Active Performance System: Yes
Cockpit size: 16.5 x31.75 in / 41.91x80.65 cm
Custom neoprene spray skirt: Included
Payload: 292 lbs / 189 litres
Storage capacity: Medium volume
Water types: All
Paddler level: Beginner to Expert TRAKSTER Pack Specifications:
Pack size: 52x17x15 in / 132.08x43.18x38.10 cm
Kayak weight in pack: 63 lbs / 28.58 kg Included Accessories:
Spray skirt
Float bags

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