1618 Copper World Map GEELKERCKEN Orbis Terrarum Planis

1618 Copper World Map GEELKERCKEN Orbis Terrarum Planis

What a great piece. This offering is for a wonderful vintage 1618 copper world map which is beautifully displayed with a framed. Our client is uncertain of the age. The piece is in excellent condition. No cracks or water stains in the frame. Great piece ! Map By and Named:


VAN , Orbis Terrarum Descriptio

Duobis Planis Hemisphaeriis


Measures Framed: 43 x 32

Measured Copper without Frame: 40 x 21

About the original paper map:

Original is Extremely rare. Second edition,

dated 1618, with Spilbergen's passage

around the Strait of Magellan .

This vividly decorated world map

by Nicolaes Van Geelkercken takes

much of its geography from his earlier

map of 1610, "however the rich

external decoration is quite new. In

the corners t are rural scenes

illustrating the four seasons and, in

the upper and lower central parts,

panoramas of the Garden of Eden and the Last

Judgement. Some of the human details - milkmaids,

reapers, skaters - are particularly lively" -- Shirley.

The map is exceedingly rare. Shirley cites only two

examples of the 1617 first edition
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