#1618 J/P sword Edo Mumei Aizu shoami School Iron Tsuba

#1618 Japanese Samurai sword

Edo Mumei Aizu shoami School

Sukidashibori Kin gin Takahori zogan

Pine & crane Iron Tsuba


Product: Tsuba

Region of origin: Japanese.

Original/Repro: Original

Age: Edo

Condition: Good condition with age appropriate wear and flaws.

Attachment: A wooden box


Tsuba Size: 7.5cm x 6.8 x 0.3cm, 112g

Nakago Size: 2.7cm x 0.8cm

Material: Iron

Signature: Unsigned

Technique: Mokkogata Sukidashibori Kin gin Takahorizogan

Decoration: Shokaku zu (pine & crane)

This is a fine Tsuba decorated with beautiful cranes and pines inlaid in gold and silver in high relief.


*US /North/Central America, Oceania, Middle East $15

*Asia $11

*Europe/UK $18

South America/ Africa $21

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