This auction is for a Spanish 8 reales cob coin made in 1634 by assayer “D” at the Mexico City mint during the reign of Philip IV. This coin is 26.5 grams and is solidly hammered with flat areas, but it is a wonderful coin for your collection due to its very large planchet size and an identifiable date. This is one of the largest Mexico mint 8 reales I have encountered, being 48mm at its longest diameter.

The obverse is an average-struck example of coinage from this era. While many details were not imprinted on the coin, what shows is deep and well-defined. The shield of Philip IV is bold, but only about 50% visible. The design of the shield is the type that was minted by Assayer D. The top half of the mint mark "oM" is visible. The date (1634) is partially visible at the 10:00 of the shield. The "3" of 1634 is mostly visible and easily identifiable. The "4" is fainter, but 75% visible, mostly the lower half and the left side are visible with the upper-right quadrant being flat.

The reverse, while having much flatness, has strong detail in the visible designs. The florenzada cross is 80% visible with all the lions and castles being at least half visible. The castles are consistent with Assayer D's castle design from the early 1630's.

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