1652-E Potosi Cob 8 Real From La Capitana Wreck, Ex: Mendel Peterson, Free Ship.

1652-E Potosi Cob 8 Real From La Capitana Wreck, Ex: Mendel Peterson, Free Ship.

From Mendel Petersons collection, an encrusted 8 real from the wreck of the La Capitana (off the coast of Ecuador in 1654). Pretty good weight of 24 grams, it shows a 2 digit date "52" and the assayers letter "E" (these are easier to see in hand as opposed to the scans). There are websites offering these for up to $1450.00, my starting bid is reasonable I think. Mendel Peterson spent 25 years at the Smithsonian Institution as Curator Of Underwater Archaeology during the 1950's-1970's, well known in his field he authored books & articles on the subject and had a large collection. This is one of the last coins I have from him, it comes with a small COA. Free shipping to the USA. $4.95 uninsured shipping to countries I ship to, with proof of mailing. I have been in this business for 45 years and have thousands of positive feedbacks dating back to 1998, . If paypal is a problem let me know and we'll work something out. I combine lots to save shipping costs, thank you for looking & good luck. mp116z791


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