1654 Slichtenhorst Holland Gelderland * schenken etc 06

1654 Slichtenhorst, Schenken schans, 't Fort nassau. s andries * Original Antique! * ORIGINAL ANTIQUE!

Title : "4x " By A. van Slichtenhorst . 1654. Arnhem , Holland . Size : Sheet size of map is 34cm x 25cm. Description: This beautiful copper engraved map: First edition of the first complete, topographical and historical, History of Gelderland in Dutch, by Arend van Slichtenhorst (ca. 1615-1657), who studied at Leyden and became a laywer in his native city Arnhem. As acknowledged on the title, the work was based upon, and partly a translation of Pontanus' Latin Historiae Gelricae, published in 1639, but Slichtenhorst thoroughly revised, corrected and much enlarged the Larin original. The plates, designed by Nicolaas van Geelkerken, also partly had been used in the Pontanus and are present in a somewhat reduced format. The large folding general map comes from the Atlas Maior by Willem Blaeu, bearing the publisher's adress. Our copy is a classic in its field but with all the maps and views in a striking beautiful contemporary colour and embellished with gold. This copy was especially bound by Albert Magnus, the most celebrated Dutch bookbinder of Amsterdam, for the well-known collector Michiel Louysz van Bergen van der Grijp (1635-ca.1685). Van der Grijp was a well-to-do "nouveau riche". In his later life his over-confident
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