1698-First French Edition-Saint-Marthe-Child Rearing

Sainte-Marthe, Scevole. (1536-1623) La Maniere De NourrirLes Enfants a la Mammelle. Traduction dâÂeÂ(tm)un poeme Ltin de Scevole de Sainte-Marthe. Par messier Abel de Sainte-Marthe, Chevalier, Seigneur de Corbeville, conseiller du roi en ses Conseils, Doyen de la Cour des Aydes, & Garde de la Bibliotheque de Sa Majeste a Fontainbleau. Paris: Chex Guillaume de Luyne, Claude Barbin, Et Laurent dâÂeÂ(tm)Houry, 1698.

Quarto, 4.25 x 6.75 in. First French edition. A-c4, A-R4. T are some typical calculations on the paste-down in the back and one hand-written correction in the margin of the Advertisement. Reserved at $300.00 and estimated at $600-$700.00.

Scevole Sainte-Marthe:

The book is written in Latin hexameters and divided into three sections, the first devoted to antenatal care, the second to postnatal care, wet-nursing and weaning, and the third to disease of children. The Latin and French are printed en face. âÂeÂ~La Maniere de Nourrir Les Engants a la MammelleâÂeÂ(tm) contains Sainte-MartheâÂeÂ(tm)s poem âÂeÂ~PaedotrophiaâÂeÂ(tm) a famous poem on child-rearing which went through more than twenty editions by 1742. In translating the book from Latin to French, Sainte-MartheâÂeÂ(tm)s son Abel kept the poem in its original Latin. Scevole de Sainte-Marthe was âÂeÂ~French writer and Latin poet,
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