16th Hanoverian Dragoons Regiment History - WW1 German

16th Dragoons Regimental History 1813 - 1903 - Printed in 1905, hardback, 272 pp., German language. Detailed history of the 16th Dragoons from its inception as the Lüneburg Hussars in 1813 raised to fight against Napoleon, present at Waterloo (from which they received their helmet's honor bandeau). The regiment underwent several reorganizations (Crown Prince Hussars, Cambridge Hussars) until designated a Dragoon Regiment in 1834. By the time of the 1848 Revolution they had dropped their remaining British inspired trappings and adopted distinctly Prussian-style uniforms and organization. On the losing side of the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, their remaining cadre was absorbed into the Prussian army, receiving its 16th Dragoon designation and Prussian weaponry (Dreyse carbines / M.1852 sabers). Participated in the 1870/71 war with France, most famously at Mars la Tour (see photo). The remainder of the history deals with the details of the peacetime army of the late 19th century. Richly detailed with numerous photos, color plates and information tables. Excellent condition, one page is torn (see photo) but complete. Three maps are also provided showing campaign movements. No Reserve. Please e-mail with questions. Shipping a flat $5 in the USA, international per invoice.