World War II "TRANSITIONAL" (mid 1945 Japan to 1945 Occupied Japan - marked both!!!) ... Japanese DEMITASSE Set - Service for 6 people. 15 piece set (17 pieces counting the lids). Features moriage dragons. This set includes 1 Coffee Pot with Lid (often called a teapot), 1 Creamer, 1 Sugar Bowl with lid, 6 small demi sized Coffee Cups(or teacups), and 6 Saucers. The demi cups have an irridescent golden or light peach Lustre, like Mother of Pearl Lustre, inside them. T is gilded gold (gold gilt) edges or rims. The gold gilding also goes across and down the handles. The dragons' bellies are gild too, as well as the balls (or sps). T's also black enamel pupils on the blue enamel eyes of the moriage dragons. One cup has an inner rim chip. The set is signed by the manufacturer with a hallmark, or maker's mark, which is written in red, on bottom(s). On the coffee pot, creamer, and sugar bowl, the logo is a crown. Inside the crown it says FAIRYLAND CHINA. Below the crown, it says HAND PAINTED, JAPAN. On the bottoms of the cups and saucers, (t are no crowns), FAIRYLAND CHINA is written in an arch. Then below their name, it says HAND PAINTED, MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN. So the coffee pot, creamer & sugar bowl were made and marked as Japan, in 1945 DURING WWII, before the end of the war. Then the cups were marked after the end of WWII (

Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 14, 1945. Following the end of Second World War in 1945 and until 1952, items imported from Japan to the United States had to be marked in a fashion indicating they came from Occupied Japan.

AM VERY SORRY THAT MY PHOTOS ARE SO DARK & GRAINY. I will try to replace these photos later, when I have time to take the entire set out of the china cabinet & move the pieces in better lighting. I will also weigh the set at that time & try to add the link for you to calculate the shipping cost.

Shipping cost will be actual cost, by weight, to your zip code. Shipping Insurance optional, although I do highly recommend it.

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