17 Photographs, World War II Flying Planes, Black/White

You are looking at a group of 18 black and white photographs of World War II Planes....They are listed as Army Air Corps and They are as follows:

1. RYAN YPT-16 2. The B-24 Consolidated Liberator (can carry 7,500 lbs of bombs over 3000 miles), 3. PT 23, 4. Line of Planes on ramp, 5. Curtis P36A Formation Camouflaged, 6. P 47 Republic Thunderbolts, 7. North American Trainer, 8. P-39 Take Off, 9. Curtiss Warhawk P-40, 10. Lockheed Lightning P-38 Fighter Plane, 11. Practice Flight, 12, Fairchild PT 26, 2-place cornell Trainer, 13. douglas C 54 Transport, (the Largest Transport in Quantity Production in the World, 14, Douglas F 124, Army Dive Bomber, 15. the Vultee BT13AAF Basic Trainer known as the "Valiant", 16. Vultee "Bengeqance" Dive Bomber, 17.Douglas P 19, The largest Airplane in the world built for The Army Air Force.

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