17 Piece Franklin Mint 1989 Nativity - Gianni Benvenuti

The Nativity

Franklin Mint 1989


Sculpture Gianni Benvenuti

Porcelain, Made in Thailand

This is a beautiful Nativity set. It would be a welcome addition to your home at Christmas or year round!

Previously owned and displayed. I am not the original owner. This set has more pieces than I have seen previously sold on Ebay. Even with the minor damage, it is still a great find! The Standing Camel is an amazing, beautiful and large piece not previously seen on Ebay. That piece alone, has great value. Please email me with any questions. Good Luck with your bidding!


T is minor damage to the Angel with Bells (shown in photo #2), she has a chipped/missing pointer finger, see photo #4. The Hanging Angel (shown in photo #2) has a broken arm at the elbow and a broken wrist on that same arm which have been repaired, see photo #3. The arm and hand has been reglued, repainted and sealed. T is a gold ring hanger on the back of the Angel in which to hang it, that photo can be emailed to you if you desire. I do not have the special hanger piece, that Franklin Mint sold, that the Angel would hang on. The Three King - Balthasar (shown in photo #5) has three chipped/missing fingers on one hand, see photo #6. The Townswoman (shown in photo #10) has a missing/chipped thumb,
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