17" Rare "POOR PITIFUL SUZIE" - Stuffed Vinyl - OR (Pearl's Cousin) w/Stand LOOK

I have two dolls listed this week that are supposed to be cousins.

Twenty-two years of actively selling dolls and I had never run into one like this one until recently. I wouldn't have known who I had if it wasn't for eBay. I saw one on eBay a couple of weeks ago and she was described as Pearl's Cousin "Poor Pitiful Suzie" (or at least that's the name I remember). If anyone out there knows otherwise, please contact me and I will gladly pass it along. If this doll is not rare, she certainly should be on the Hard to Find List.

This auction is for "Poor Pitiful Suzie" and her coated doll stand. She is 17" long, unmarked with a stuffed vinyl body. I would guess her to be a 60s doll (same as Pearl). She has long hair (same texture as Pearl's) that I would guess to be saran. It looks uncut. She has clear, sparkling eyes that work great and have full lashes. Well defined brows, turned up nose and overhanging front lip. (I am attaching a picture of the two dolls together for your comparison.) Suzie has been cleaned, hair washed and conditioned and she must have been in storage somewhere because she is in great condition! No bad marks ... she does have some tiny indentations in her vinyl probably from what she was stored with.

Suzie will come wearing the clothing that was on her when I purchased her. It is clean and in good

Shipping will be by Priority Mail. Please check the shipping calculator for amount. Zip code determines shipping cost. I do not charge a packing fee.

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