1721, France, Louis XV. Silver 20 Sols (1/6 Ecu) Coin.

1721, France, Louis XV. Silver 20 Sols (1/6 Ecu) Coin.

Mint year: 1721
Mint Place: Paris (A)
Condition: Scratches in reverse, otherwise VF
References: Duplessy 1667 A, Gadoury 306, KM-454.1. R!
Denomination: 20 Sols (1/6 Ecu) - Overtype, struck above 1st series with XX Sols value and different shield and bust!
Diameter: 23mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 3.82gm

Obverse: Wreathed head of Louis XV right.
Legend: LVD . XV . D . G . FR . ET . NAV . REX .
Reverse: Crowned shield with three fleur de lis inside.
Legend: SIT . NOMEN . DOMINI . (A) . BENEDICTVM (privy mark: *) I72I

Authenticity unconditionally guaranteed. !

Louis XV (Versailles, 15 February 1710 – Versailles, 10 May 1774) ruled as King of France and of Navarre from 1 September 1715 until his death on 10 May 1774. Coming to the throne at the age of five, Louis reigned until 15 February 1723, the date of his thirteenth birthday, with the aid of the Régent, Philippe, duc d'Orléans, his great-uncle, thereafter taking formal personal control of government.

Unexpectedly surviving the death of most of the royal family, he enjoyed a favourable reputation at the beginning of his reign and earned the epithet " le Bien-Aimé " ("the Beloved"). However, in time, his lack of morals, general inability
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